Jim Kwik’s Superbrain Review (2023): Is it Worth it?

by Brendan Brown | February 8, 2023, 8:41 am
Jim Kwik superbrain review

(This review contains affiliate links which means we earn a commission if you sign up⁠ — at no extra cost to you. However, it’s an honest review about my personal experience with Superbrain by Jim Kwik)

How many times have you completely blanked on something someone just told you?

I’m embarrassed to say, but it happens to me too much.

Call it “brain fart,” call it “bad memory,” call it whatever you want. The end result is the same — a total break in your memory.

Wouldn’t it be great if there were a way to boost your memory?

Now there is — Superbrain by Jim Kwik. Superbrain promises to boost your memory, reading speed, focus, and productivity.

I recently completed the entire 34-day course.

Does it live up to the hype?

Read through my epic Superbrain review to find out.

What is Superbrain?

Jim Kwik superbrain review

Superbrain is an education course by Jim Kwik available on Mindvalley.

It’s a 34-day course comprised of video lessons, drills, and activities that help you unlock your brain’s potential.

Over the course of 34 days, Jim Kwik promises that you’ll gain mastery over 8 areas:

  • Develop An Invincible Memory. Improve retention for names, facts, birthdays, anniversaries, shopping lists, passwords
  • Learn Faster And Better. You’ll read up to 3x faster and increase your spead of language acquisition.
  • Accelerate Your Career. Retain information for longer
  • Supercharge Your Productivity. Banish brain fog and procrastination.
  • Upgrade Your Habits. Learn how to break old time-wasting habits and engineer new productive ones
  • Gain Unbreakable Focus. Train your brain to stay laser-focused on any task until you’ve completed it.
  • Be Your Most Confident Self
  • Boost Your Grades & Ace Exams

These are the areas that Superbrain focuses on in 34 days (divided into five weeks).

Like most Mindvalley courses, these lessons are available as videos that you’ll complete daily (these courses aren’t made for binging), so that you build upon your work from the previous day.

Each lesson is roughly 10-20 minutes, so you’re not going to be agonizing over hours of mindless content. It’s easily digestible, consumable lifehacks that will help you handle the information onslaught of the 21st century.

Who is Jim Kwik?

Jim Kwik superbrain

Jim Kwik is a frontrunner in Brain Training and the founder of Kwik Learning, a company devoted to boosting people’s brain performance.

What spurred such a passion for learning? Well, when he was five, he suffered a traumatic brain injury that threatened to leave him permanently intellectually disabled.

But this didn’t stop Jim Kwik. Facing insurmountable odds, he decided to re-learn how to learn. In the process, he developed a passion for teaching others how to learn as efficiently as possible.

Having discovered how to “hack his brain,” he’s now made a career out of helping others unlock their minds’ potentials. He’s worked with Elon Musk, Richard Branson, and students at some of the top universities in the world like NYU and Yale.

The guy’s credits are impressive. He’s been featured on Forbes and CNBC, has the #1 rated learning podcast on iTunes, and worked with the cast of X-Men to improve their focus.

He is a motivational speaker, and has multiple courses on Mindvalley where he teaches you how to hack your brain.

The other major Mindvalley course of his is Super Reading, which focuses on speedreading. Superbrain does touch on speedreading, but tackles a lot more.

What is Mindvalley?

Mindvalley is an “edutainment” (education meets entertainment) company that’s exploding in popularity. It specializes in both practical self-improvement classes (such as LifebookMoney EQ, and Becoming Focused and Indistractable) and those with a more “DIY spirituality” twist to them.

Read my full Mindvalley review here.

Basically, there’s a spectrum of courses that you can take to help you fulfill that “missing piece” of your life. Every course is structured around daily video lessons. Like Superbrain, these video lessons have an extremely high production quality and are usually a joy to watch.

Mindvalley prides itself on helping you become a more “actualized” version of yourself.

It’s not a “teach me how to make an omelet” type of learning company. It’s a “teach me to be the better version of myself” platform.

With 50+ courses to choose from, Ideapod’s new Mindvalley quiz will help you decide which ones are right for you.  Answer a few simple questions and they will recommend the perfect Mindvalley course based on your goals.

Take the quiz here.

Who is Superbrain for?

A lot of Superbrain revolves around boosting your memorization abilities.

Therefore, I’d safely say that people who tend to be forgetful would benefit from Superbrain.

Note: I’m not suggesting that Superbrain is a treatment for dementia or Alzheimer’s. The data doesn’t suggest that, and neither does Jim Kwik.

I’m talking about people who have a hard time memorizing long lists, or are looking to give a whole speech without notes.

Who else would benefit from Superbrain?

  • Businesspeople. I noticed that a lot of business professionals were taking Superbrain. That’s not surprising, since the class is geared toward boosting your memorization, comprehension, and focus. In the 21st century office, you’re being distracted constantly. Things fall through the cracks. Superbrain helps you stay on top of that.
  • Students. So much of Jim Kwik’s memorization and focus techniques can easily lateral into studying.
  • Learners who are easily distracted. If you’re hoping to boost your concentration, you’ll get a lot out of this class.

Who won’t like Superbrain?

Superbrain is all about learning clever techniques for improving memorization and focus. You might not enjoy this course if:

  • You are more interested in a deep-dive into brain science and learning. This class is about practical techniques that you can implement immediately.
  • You’re looking for a bingeable course. Mindvalley courses are all about daily work. This makes binging difficult if not impossible.

I think that most people would benefit from Superbrain by Jim Kwik. It’s difficult to find people that wouldn’t be able to increase their focus or memorization from this class.

How much does Superbrain cost?

Superbrain is available exclusively through Mindvalley.

You can access this class two different ways: by purchasing access to the individual class or by purchasing the Mindvalley yearly membership (also known as the “All Access Pass”).

Today, Superbrain is on sale from $1,099 to $449. This is for a 34-day course that you will have lifetime access to.

Still, it’s a little pricey.

If you want to get a little more bang for your buck, the yearly membership is pretty great value.

For now only $499 annually, you get access to all Mindvalley courses. That’s over 30 classes for roughly the price of one single class.

If you think you’ll take more than one Mindvalley course in a year, the yearly membership is the best option.

Check out the Mindvalley annual membership (“All Access Pass”) here.

Mindvalley All Access Membership Sale

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My experience taking the course

So what does it look like when you take Superbrain? Let me walk you through the course.

Day One starts with a lesson called M.O.M — short for Motivation, Observation, Mechanics.

In this lesson, Jim Kwik breaks down why you are able to memorize certain things, and points to why you forget other things.

Spoiler: it’s because there’s a breakdown in one or more of the three categories (memory, observation, mechanics).

And what is the first thing that James tackles?

Forgetting names.

I almost laughed. This was the first thing I had thought of when I hoped to improve my memory.

And here I was learning the trick on day one.

So how does the M.O.M. system work in specificity? Well, you need to take the class to find out.

Day one wraps up with a Growth Survey — a quick five question quiz where you analyze your own ability to learn new things. You take this weekly throughout the course to measure your progress.

Breakdown by week

Jim Kwik’s Superbrain has 8 main focuses. Each of the first four weeks tackles two.

Week one focuses on your lifestyle and fundamentals

Week two focuses on remembering long lists + remembering names

Week three teaches you about languages and speeches

Week four concentrates on numbers and lifestyle integration.

The fifth week is two lessons: a lesson on the 5 levels of transformation, followed by a Q&A.

Each week (except for the fifth) has seven lessons. These lessons run around 10-20 minutes long, and involve Jim teaching you a new brain hack or expanding upon a previous one. Included with each lesson are daily assignments that you complete to help reinforce the lessons Jim teaches you.

This is not bingeable content. In fact, it’s counterproductive to try and jump ahead, as each class builds on the success of the previous lesson. You need to embrace learning the Jim Kwik way if you want to succeed at Super Brain.

Bonus content

superbrain bonus content

The eagle eyed among you might have done the math and realized that I only accounted for 30 days.

True! After week 5, there are four bonus lessons that touch on:

  • Overcoming procrastination
  • Muscle memory
  • Remembering your dreams
  • Speed reading

And that adds up to 34 lessons!

The F.A.S.T. System

Underpinning all of the brain training is Jim Kwik’s F.A.S.T. system, which serves as a catchall for his approach to teaching you new techniques.

What is the F.A.S.T. system?

  • F: Forget. Forget what you think you know, and approach learning as an unencumbered beginner.
  • A: Active. Be active in your learning. Passivity is the devil here!
  • S: State. Your state of mind needs to be conducive to learning
  • T: Teach. Pass on what you’ve learned to others to further reinforce your mastery.

Does Superbrain work?

superbrain course content

What’s great about Superbrain is that it teaches you real, tangible life skills that you can implement almost instantly.

Once you know how to better memorize people’s names, you don’t need to wait 34 days to implement that. Likewise, once you’ve tackled the lesson on nailing speeches without notecards, you can put that into practice the next time you need to present at work.

So yes, Superbrain gives you real skills that you can practice and master. Learning these skills will immediately impact your life at the interaction level.

His lessons on breaking bad habits are additionally very insightful. While 34 days is a short time to fully break a bad habit, you can definitely put a strong dent into kicking them.

Is Superbrain different than Super Reading?

Yes. Super Reading is all about speedreading. Super Reading teaches you to increase your reading speed by nearly double while also improving your reading comprehension.

You can read my full Super Reading review here.

It is true that Superbrain’s bonus content does touch on speedreading, but not at the depth of Super Reading.

Still, it’s great to dip your toes into the speedreading waters. If you enjoy that lesson, you should definitely check out Super Reading.

Superbrain, on the otherhand, is more of an all-around approach to brain hacking. It focuses very heavily on memorization, whereas Super Reading focuses more on the comprehension and mechanics of reading itself to boost your speed.

Both are impressive courses, but the distinction is significant. If you’re looking for a course around reading, Super Reading is best. If you want to boost memorization, look to Superbrain.

The pros and cons

is superbrain worth it

Every course I take has stuff I love as well as things I want to improve. Superbrain was no exception.

I definitely thought that there was more good stuff than bad, but I want to break these down for you so you can make your own, informed decision.

Superbrain: the pros

Let’s tackle the good first. Here’s what I loved.

  • It’s applicable. This is the pro of every Jim Kwik course I’ve taken. The classes are immediately applicable to your daily life. Superbrain teaches you how to memorize better, learn better, become a foreign-language speaker better.
  • Those things are immediately usable. I’ve been trying to learn Italian for years. I took classes in college, and I’ve been learning on my own. I’ve been making good progress, but I still haven’t cracked it. Superbrain gave me concrete steps I can take to boost my foreign language acquisition. That’s incredible.
  • It builds upon itself. The course structure is excellent. Jim teaches you fundamentals early on, and then xpends the rest of the course expanding upon the fundamentals. Each lesson elegantly ties back to the previous, allowing you to further master your previous lesson as you learn new techniques.
  • It’s not too much to handle. The learning method is bite-sized. You’re not sitting through two-hour lectures. Instead, you’re sitting through 15 minute lessons, and then practicing those lessons on your own. Who can’t set aside 20 minutes a day for a month? I could! It’s a low commitment that yields high results.
  • The production value is high. All classes on Mindvalley boast very high production value. The classes are filmed in lush high-definition, the user interface is quite stellar, and you can access the classes on multiple platforms. Superbrain is no different. The production is stellar.
  • There’s the tribe! Like all Mindvalley Quests, there is an active online community called the Tribe. The Tribe allows classmembers to post, comment, and ask questions. Superbrain’s community is quite active. If you’re in search of help, you’ll find it on the Tribe!
  • It’s approachable. Jim Kwik’s style is friendly and thoughtful. It’s never condescending, confusing, or opaque. He walks you through engaging and informative topics in a fun manner. Learning never feels like a chore.

Superbrain: the cons

There were a few cons as well, like everything. Here were a few I want to touch on.

  • It’s not all new. Jim Kwik’s class is effective. But, not everything is groundbreaking. In fact, some of this stuff is available on YouTube. The catch is that the production value is lower, there aren’t daily lessons and check-ins, and it’s not curated by Jim Kwik. Mindvalley always places a premium on production value and daily work. That’s the difference.
  • The Q&As aren’t always super helpful. The Q&As are pre-taped, so I didn’t find them as exciting or helpful as I had hoped. They’re informative, but I had wanted to ask the questions to Jim myself!
  • It might not last. These classes are great, and the lessons you learn are helpful. But they’re often only great while you’re learning them and using them frequently. Like anything, Superbrain is use-it-or-lose-it. If you don’t keep it up, you’ll be right back at square one.

Is Superbrain a scam?

Is this a class that promises you something and then doesn’t deliver? No.

Superbrain promises you a course that boosts your memorization and comprehension. If you do the lessons every day, you’ll notice an improvement.

It is true that Mindvalley does have flashy marketing. Many of their classes touch on unquantifiable benefits.

Superbrain isn’t one of those classes.

As long as you understand that you’re going to gain these specific life skills, and know that you’re paying for Jim Kwik’s expertise + curation, then you’ll feel satisfied.

It delivers on its promises.

Superbrain: is it worth it?

Okay: after going through the 34-day course, I’m ready to deliver my verdict.

Jim Kwik’s Superbrain is worth it if you’re looking for simple and effective tactics to improve your memory, concentration, and knowledge acquisition.

This is an impressive class that focuses heavily on memorization. These skills are primed for business people and students who are hoping to increase their ability to retain information.

If you are looking to push yourself, to kick bad habits and boost your learning, you’ll really like Superbrain.

I wouldn’t necessarily recommend it to someone who is looking for a quick fix, or hoping for some bingeable content. Mindvalley’s daily check-in system makes that ineffective at best.

If you like Superbrain and you’re looking to push your brain even further, I’d recommend checking out Super Reading — another Jim Kwik Mindvalley course. This one focuses on speedreading, a critical skill in our information heavy world.

Superbrain review: Conclusion

Jim Kwik’s Superbrain on Mindvalley is an impressive, down-to-earth, highly applicable brain hacking program that will yield benefits to the determined learner.

If you want to boost your memorization and language acquisition, this is the Mindvalley class for you.

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