Money EQ Review (2023): My Verdict on this Mindvalley class

by Brendan Brown | June 28, 2023, 6:21 am
Money EQ Ken Honda mindvalley review

(This review contains affiliate links which means we earn a commission if you sign up⁠ — at no extra cost to you. However, it’s an honest review about my personal experience with Money EQ by Ken Honda)

“How is your relationship with money?”

This is a question we rarely ask ourselves because society has taught us to focus on how to make more money. However, it is the question Ken Honda explores in his Money EQ Mindvalley course.

In this revolutionary online class, Japan’s no. 1 money teacher helps students understand money’s true role in their lives and how they manage their feelings towards money.

Instead of coping with financial stress and anxiety, let Ken Honda guide you towards ‘Happy Money’, or money that actually loves you back.

Read on for my review of the course below.

Why I decided to enrol in the Money EQ

Money has always been a complicated issue for me (and probably most people out there). I’ve always faced a continuous cycle of earning money, spending it, and earning some more, doomed to continue this pattern until I eventually retire.

Saving enough money has been a tough struggle as well.

Even though I try to follow advice on how to save money efficiently, something usually prevents me from reaching my goal — like a medical emergency. It was stressful and scary for me to think about my financial future.

When I first saw the opportunity to take the Money EQ class, I wanted to learn how I could have a healthier mindset about money.

The promise of the Money EQ course on Mindvalley is to help students overcome fears about wealth. Even if your conventional money IQ is high, the course description says, it’s impossible to become sustainably and happily wealthy without taking care of your Money EQ.

Of course, I did some research before signing up for the class. I wanted to know if the course was relevant to my needs.

Would it add value? Was there anything in the course that was different from what other financial gurus have to say? And did I really need to take this course? Or would it just be another expense?

According to the reviews I read, the Money EQ program has shaped countless lives since it was made available on Mindvalley. Ken Honda helped students rethink their relationship with money; rather than thinking of money as an object, Ken Honda promotes the idea that money is energy. As energy, money is given, taken, and shared — not possessed.

The Money EQ Mindvalley course is definitely an interesting twist on other financial advice I’ve heard.

Some people might think that the Money EQ class is just another repeat of what Ken Honda includes in his books. Based on the reviews I found, it wasn’t the case at all. The Mindvalley course offers more interactive activities for students to try, like a quiz on what Money Type you are or how to create your personal Wealth Map.

As a visual learner, the Mindvalley class seemed like a richer, more engaging option than reading through self-help books alone.

And since Mindvalley connects you to other students taking the class, I decided that signing-up for Money EQ would make for a great investment.

What Is Mindvalley?

Of course, you might be unfamiliar with Mindvalley so allow me to explain what it is.

Mindvalley is an online learning platform where students learn through gamified courses, called Quests. Each Mindvalley Quest is taught by world-renowned professionals who are experts in their respective fields, whether it be public speaking, physical fitness, leadership, or spirituality.

Check out my complete Mindvalley review here.

For gradual, personal transformation, each course is divided into short, daily clips so one class won’t take up too much of your time. And although Mindvalley doesn’t have the most extensive subject list, everyone can definitely enjoy the high-quality production value of each unique course.

A few of the most popular courses on Mindvalley include Superbrain and Super Reading by Jim Kwik, Lifebook by Jon and Missy Butcher, and Becoming Focused and Indistractable by Nir Eyal.

Want a quick way to discover the best Mindvalley course for you? This Mindvalley quiz by Ideapod will recommend the perfect course based on your goals.

Take this great quiz here.

How much does Money EQ cost?

When signing up for Money EQ, you have two options:

  • Pay $349 for the Digital Access Pass to Money EQ only; or
  • Pay $499 for the Mindvalley Membership (formerly known as the All-Access Pass) which gives you access to every Mindvalley course for one year.

Paying an additional $150 to unlock all 30+ Mindvalley programs seem to be a much better deal for me. After all, course packages are not just limited to the video content. Students who enrol in the annual Mindvalley Membership also receive access to mentoring classes, exclusive workshops, and the community app.

And if it turns out that Mindvalley isn’t exactly for you, they offer a one-time 30-day refund guarantee.

$499 for unlimited access to Mindvalley classes for a year isn’t pocket change. Compared to something like MasterClass, for example, it’s on the pricey end.

However, Mindvalley classes are about as advanced as online education gets in 2021. They have highly-acclaimed experts in the self-help field and each class has 30+ days worth of lessons, coursework, videos, and Q&As to help better yourself.

My Mindvalley Membership has been absolutely worth it for me.

What makes Ken Honda the perfect mentor?

Ken Honda is the “Zen Millionaire” of Japan. Considered to be the finance counterpart of Marie Kondo, Ken Honda studied over 12,000 self-made millionaires in Japan and developed the Money EQ program. Rather than pursuing business and investment strategies, Ken Honda coaches you on gaining sustainable wealth through emotional intelligence.

Ken Honda’s insightful observations on the nature of money as ‘happy’ and ‘unhappy’ energies began in childhood.

At the age of eight, he served clients tea at his father’s successful accounting practice. As he got to know them better, Ken Honda had a striking glimpse of how money and emotions mixed. He found that clients who were always frustrated ended up losing more, while the calmer clients grew more prosperous.

When he was 29 years old, Ken Honda “retired” to help raise his newborn daughter. As he had run successful consulting and accounting businesses, he already achieved the financial freedom he desired. He was able to spend more time as a father, rather than a businessman. One day, he took his daughter to a park and witnessed a mother and her young daughter arguing. The mother needed to go to work, but her daughter wanted to play more.

After they left, Ken Honda realized how money was the root cause of stress and pain for many people. He sat down and wrote an essay about money, which became the start of his book “Happy Money” — and his second career. He studied self-made millionaires in Japan to understand the common trends among them while undergoing a mentorship with the late Wahei Takeda, known as the Warren Buffett of Japan.

Since then, Ken Honda has penned 58 books on money, all of which sold millions of copies and translated in 15 languages. He also works as a prolific speaker and has attended over 200 engagements in Japan, Korea, China, and the US. Ken Honda is also the first person from Japan who was voted into the Transformational Leadership Council, an organization representing the world’s most impactful personal growth thought-leaders.

Evidently, people all over the world respond to his philosophy on sustainable wealth. Instead of prioritizing money IQ, Ken Honda introduced the concept of raising emotional intelligence with money. A simple change of perspective can create happy money and a happy life.

Through his Mindvalley course, Ken Honda aims to make money EQ more accessible so students can heal from their money-related issues.

What the Money EQ Mindvalley class is all about

Money EQ is a reflection of your personal beliefs, thoughts, and emotions about money.

Whether we realize it or not, your subconscious mind sometimes takes the wheel over your financial decisions. Lacking Money EQ prevents you from realizing this problem and you struggle to reach your full potential. Even if you have a high Money IQ, make the right investments, and work hard, you could still lose money if you don’t manage your feelings about it.

A good example of having high Money EQ and Money IQ can be illustrated by the difference between a billionaire and a single mother with three children but no net worth.

The single mother is better with money than a millionaire. Why? Because she knows exactly where her money is spent and stretches each dollar to its breaking point. On the other hand, the billionaire would spend money freely because they know they can earn more — and take unnecessary risks in the process.

Most of us are likely to be more similar to the billionaire. According to Ken Honda, many of us are gamblers who take on risk and uncertainty in hopes of achieving a “win” (or attaining more wealth). While it can be exciting to win at the start, our gambling mindset opens us up to shortcomings and failure.

Ken Honda also suggests that gambler types tend to be people who relate to money from a place of fear. Happy money, in contrast, comes from a place of love, gratitude, and generosity.

Essentially, the Money EQ Mindvalley Quest teaches you how to have happy money, or money that spends and achieves happiness. You will learn all about:

  • Archetypes of money
  • Perspectives on financial status
  • How to avoid money negativity
  • How to recognize and fix money issues from the past
  • How to increase wealth and move forward in money-related aspects
  • How to live a happy life, using money as a tool.

The Money EQ program is designed to help you identify emotional money problems and improve your financial success. Fortunately, Money EQ is not a gift nor a talent given to a selected few, but a skill you can easily learn by retraining your brain through Ken Honda’s clear, step-by-step process.

Everything you get with the Money EQ class

The Money EQ course package comes with a few things:

  • Lifetime digital access to all content and bonuses
  • A Mindvalley course workbook
  • Access to the Money EQ Facebook community
  • 10-15 minute audio or video content for 21 days.

Students who join one course will have lifetime digital access to the course content on all devices.

The 21-day Money EQ program itself is divided into 3 week lessons. The daily training videos and exercises led by Ken Honda are designed to create lifelong changes in how you think about money, as well as how to utilize your money to create peace of mind.

Week 1: A Path To Happy Money

The first week of Money EQ lets students explore their relationship with money as they open up to their hidden financial hang-ups, beliefs, or models of reality. Students begin to understand how their relationship with money affects them and holds them back.

Week 2: Healing Money Wounds

Once you understand your money pains, the second week of Money EQ provides you with the tools you need to fix yourself up. Ken Honda leads you deeper into your core identity by looking at how your culture and family shaped your perception of money. Through meditation and other tools, you can say goodbye to your negative connection to money and open up the floodgates to wealth.

Week 3: Creating A New Life With Happy Money

Finally, the third week of Money EQ allows students to find a refreshing money mindset and expand their capacity to receive, retain, grow, and share wealth. Ken Honda helps you explore your gifts and limitations so you can embrace a life with prosperity as the default.

The bonuses

The Money EQ class is unique because aside from sessions with Ken Honda, students also have 10 brain retraining sessions with Scott W. Mills. He equips students with the tools they need to manage emotions and mindsets so they can keep up with Ken Honda’s sessions. Each brain training session allows you to relax, occupy a more suggestible state, and become more open to information.

The 10-day sessions include:

  • Day 1 – Get A Perspective Shift
  • Day 5 – Feel Appreciation
  • Day 6 – Work With Possibilities and Timelines
  • Day 9 – Release Negative Emotions
  • Day 10 – Release Your Parents’ Pain
  • Day 11 – Forgiveness
  • Day 12 – Evolve Your Beliefs
  • Day 13 – Work On Self-Expansion
  • Day 16 – Make What’s Unsafe Into A Known Quantity
  • Day 19 – Follow In Leaders’ Footsteps.

Ken Honda himself offers two bonus recordings of live online coaching sessions.

Bonus #1 is How To Deal With Debt, where students learn how to train their mind to reframe debt, manage it, and break free from debt faster. It’s especially helpful if you want to overcome the feelings of shame and helplessness over debt.

On the other hand, Bonus #2 is Money & Relationships, where Ken Honda instructs students how to lessen the friction money causes in couples. In this session, Ken Honda gives advice on improving communication, establishing correct expectations, and reducing conflict over money.

Along with the bonus sessions are a downloadable workbook — which can help you keep track of the lessons — and access to the Facebook community for Money EQ. Fellow students can enrich the course for you as they share their personal insights on Money EQ. If you enjoy interacting with others, you will definitely love the active Facebook group.

Who Is The Money EQ class for?

At the top of my head, I think the Money EQ program is best for:

  • People who have money and want to handle it responsibly
  • People who don’t have much money and want to gain more.
  • People who want to develop a healthy relationship with their finances.

Anyone who wants to cultivate a positive relationship with their wealth can greatly benefit from this upbeat class. If you suffer from money-related anxiety, this class is especially instructive as Ken Honda lets you reconfigure your perspective.

However, you might be disappointed if you’re looking for a class on financial literacy. It’s not the type of class that discusses investment strategies or business ideas; it’s more of a basic course on good money habits you might not know about yet.

Other Mindvalley classes you may be interested in

If you sign up to the annual Mindvalley Membership, you get access to most courses on the platform. Mindvalley offers over 30 courses, with more being added every month.

Here are three similar programs which may pique your interest:

  • Live By Your Own Rules: You might be comfortable in your financial freedom, but what about your personal liberation? Kristina Mänd-Lakhiani challenges students to confront what is keeping them from living the happy, fulfilling lives they want. For over 31 days, Live By Your Own Rules instructs you on how to unbind yourself from society’s expectations and define success on your own terms.
  • The Psychology of Winning: In his experience interviewing American POWs from Vietnam, Denis Waitley discovered the secret to developing the mindset you need to become an extraordinary performer. Through his Mindvalley class, Denis Weitley shows students powerful habits required for stepping up your game.
  • Mastering Authentic Networking: Money is one form of wealth; connections are another. In Authentic Networking, Keith Ferrazzi walks students through his tried-and-tested, universal networking formula. As a coach to global leaders, policymakers, and elite professionals, Keith Ferrazzi’s optimized process can transform introverts into networking aces.

Is The Money EQ Class Worth It?

Investing in yourself is always a good financial decision.

The Money EQ course allows you to work through money-related issues in your life and attract more money to yourself in the long run. In this practical class, I learned how to establish a better relationship with my money. I am now at peace with the idea that money is meant to flow naturally — it comes and goes.

I also find myself equipped with new tools to handle my financial fears, now that I see money in a brand new light. Each lesson is valuable, easy to digest, and engaging to learn.

I especially appreciated Ken Honda as an instructor. His calm, patient energy coupled with his fascinating stories would leave you feeling like you spent time with an incredibly wise and experienced mentor.

The Money EQ program has been one of my favorite courses on Mindvalley.

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