The Bible is as Easy to Understand as a Drunken Scotsman

Posted 24 Feb 2014, by


In the beginning, there was sloppy writing. The Old Testament of the Holy Bible reads like the memoir of the world’s most boring schizophrenic. The New Testament features more contradictions than a politician’s conscience. However, the blessed blunders clogging up the Bible aren’t completely the author’s fault. With dozens of ...Read More

An Ode to Affordable Book Editing

Posted 17 Feb 2014, by


A key consideration for many book authors when it comes to professional editing is affordability. Book authors may have big dreams, but most aren’t yet as wealthy as JK Rowling. Most book authors aren’t as wealthy as her! Professional book editing can be expensive. If an editor spends three weeks ...Read More

How to find affordable editing for your thesis

Posted 04 Feb 2014, by


PhD and Master’s students are inevitably price sensitive when it comes to dissertation or thesis editing. Being a student has many upsides, but wealth isn’t one of them. So it’s natural that cost is a significant consideration for any student when it comes to editing. I’ll use this post ...Read More

A Business Owner Laments his Junk Blog in 2013

Posted 22 Jan 2014, by


In 2013 our blog was a poster child for mediocrity. Each post was outsourced for the cost of a jam doughnut and about as useful to a wider audience as Kim Jung-un is to his people. Yes, I was as bad as him! I’m writing this post because I want ...Read More

Genesis: The Second Draft

Posted 02 Jul 2013, by


This second draft of Genesis comes from Liz Brown… Genesis: The Second Draft In the beginning, God created the heavens and the earth. The heavens were a great place to be, with lots of interesting things to do, really good food and great package deals for anyone looking for a ...Read More