Women who always move forward in life usually practice these 9 daily habits

Posted 22 Jun 2024, by

Mia Zhang

There's a noticeable difference between women who constantly progress in life and those who seem stuck in a rut. The difference? Daily habits. Women who always move forward have cultivated certain daily habits that guide their journey towards success, allowing them to consistently evolve, grow and thrive. In this article, I ...Read More

I always felt unfulfilled and unhappy, until I adopted these 10 new habits

Posted 22 Jun 2024, by

Paul Brian

For most of my life I’ve felt unfulfilled and unhappy.  The lyrics of U2’s song “I still haven’t found what I’m looking for” were like my autobiography.  I looked for fulfillment in religion, spirituality, addictions, social status and wealth.  But there still seemed to be a hole inside.  Then I started on ...Read More