50 Twitter Accounts All Writers Should Follow

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Brendan Brown

If you are a writer, then Twitter is a veritable font of information waiting for you to discover. It offers a vast world of connections that you may even know you need. That’s because, with this “little” social media site, you can get a direct stream of information from other writers, writers’ resources and so much more.

So, here is a list of the top 50 accounts (in no particular order by the way) that you simply must follow as a writer. We’ve broken the list into five categories: Helpful tips on the writing process, authors and writers to follow, writing associations, blogging and freelance tips, and editors you can connect with.

They are all useful, inspiring, helpful, and just downright interesting.

Helpful Tips on the Writing Process

1. Writer’s Digest

Considered one of the top sources for writers who are looking to be published, this Twitter account will regularly update you on new opportunities for publishing as well as writing conferences and new authors to watch.

2. Advice to Writers

Sometimes, you just need a little advice, wisdom, or wit. On this Twitter account you’ll will find quotes from famous authors, like this one from Peter De Vries: “Sometimes I write sober and revise drunk, sometimes I write drunk and revise sober. But you have to have both elements in creation — the Apollonian and the Dionysian, or spontaneity and restraint, emotion and discipline”.

3. The Intelligent Writer

This Twitter account is full of advice as well as links to other helpful writing resources. The account regularly posts connections to useful podcasts, quotes from writers, and alerts when famous writers will be sharing their wisdom.

4. Little Zotz Writing

This account, owned by Lauren R. Tharp, focuses on mentoring new writers, especially those who want to go freelance. Advice, mentoring sessions, and links to live sessions are shared regularly.

5. Daily Writing Tips

When you just need all the little details to help improve your writing, this is a great Twitter account for you. You can expect grammar and spelling tips, information for freelance writers, and more. For example, a recent Tweet explains how a cliché and an idiom are different. This account could help you become your own novel editor.

6. Write to Done

For more in-depth help on dealing with a variety of difficult writing situations, this account, owned by Mary Jaksch, is for you. You will find articles on how to deal with procrastination, building an effective social media campaign, and how to get readers to pay attention to you.

7. Aerogramme Writers

This is a great resources for getting all of the news in the writing world. The Twitter account focuses on providing breaking news tidbits, information on jobs available, and links to resources that could prove very helpful for writers overall.

8. 20SomethingBloggers

If you are a twentysomething blogger, then this Twitter account will help you connect with your peers. You can have access to writers all over the world and use the company’s forums and chatrooms to learn from these other bloggers. The Twitter account shares news, tips, and links to resources on the website.

9. Inkygirl

A writer and illustrator of books for young people, Debbie Tweets about the craft and business of writing and illustrating (and seems to have a lot of fun doing so!).

10. Socialpolitan Fiction Writing Craft

The SFWC is a not-for-profit writers support group, and their Twitter account provides a wealth of information on educational, networking, and marketing support for individuals interested in improving their fiction writing.

Authors and Writers to Follow

11. Chuck Wendig

A writer with a sense of humor, Chuck Wendig has worked on series’ including Miriam Black, Atlanta Burns, Heartland, and Aftermath. He has also worked on comics, games, and film. If you want a daily laugh from a writer’s perspective, this is a good account to follow. He will also give shout outs for other Twitter accounts you may be interested in following.

12. Stephen King

The master of horror, himself, shares wit and wisdom on his Twitter account. When you follow Mr. King, you can expect snarky commentary on modern events, information on his own book signings, brief reviews of new books, and even the occasional downright funny and somewhat inane comment.

13. Joe Dunthorne

Joe Dunthorne wrote Submarine, Wild Abandon, and Tiny Eyes. His Twitter account is filled with random thoughts, shout outs to other writers, information on good books to read, and a few thoughts that will leave you pondering the meaning of life. A good example of the latter of these is when the writer Tweeted: “And so, the day came – as had been prophesied – when we all realized we had muted each other”.

14. Roz Morris

In addition to being an accomplished writer of Memories of a Future Life, Lifeform Three, and the Nail Your Novel Series, Roz Morris also teaches an advanced novel writing class for The Guardian in England. She regularly Tweets helpful tips from her Nail Your Novel series and you can find out things like how to create the best characters, how to nail your plot, and how to get feedback on your manuscript.

15. Joanna Penn

Joanna Penn writes thriller fiction that has reached the bestseller list or both the New York Times and USA Today. She also works as a professional speaker. Her Twitter account focuses on everything from information about writers from yesteryear to modern news and her thoughts on it. She also mentions her own new books, great thriller books to read, and plenty of information for indie writers.

16. Jen Lancaster

She proclaims herself the queen of ride or die chick lit, Jen Lancaster is another one that will have you laughing. For example, she tweeted “Mixed a leftover hamburger into the dogs’ dinner and now they’re building a temple to worship me.” When you just need a break, you will enjoy reading her Tweets.

17. Jennifer Weiner

In addition to writing heartwarming fiction for women, Jennifer Weiner also writes an opinion column in the New York Times. She Tweets a lot about her newest books, but she also shares snippets from her everyday life and the occasional bit of wit.

18. Harlan Coben

Harlan Coben is a bestseller suspense writer who has made it to number one on the New York Times bestseller list. He does Tweet interesting information about himself and writing from time to time, but he also Re-Tweets regularly, and that gives you the chance to find even more helpful people to follow.

19. Margaret Atwood

Margaret Atwood plays a number of different roles in Canada. She is an author, a poet, an essayist, and an environmental activist as well. She is best known for her book, The Handmaid’s Tale. You can expect a great deal of Tweets and Re-Tweets on the environment as well as writing.

20. Susan Orlean

As a staff writer for The New Yorker, Susan Orlean spends most of her time writing magazine articles and contributing to other publications. She gives great advice on other writers to check out. And, when she isn’t providing advice, she will make you laugh with random pictures of cows or funny Re-Tweets.

Writing Associations

21. Authors Guild

The Authors’ Guild has actually been in existence since 1912, and it works as an advocate for writers and their rights to free expression. They regularly Tweet news of the literary world including new publications, contests and grants, and information on how they are going into bat to look after the rights of authors.

22. West End Writers

West End Writers is a writing group in Vancouver, British Columbia. They believe in making it easy for emerging and established writers to work in a group atmosphere to help critique each other. On their Twitter account, they post writing contests, announce symposiums, and provide information on writing workshops.

23. Western Writers of America

A group connection for those who write about the American West. The Western Writers of America Association has been in existence for more than 60 years, and the Twitter account focuses on all things Western. You can expect announcements of new publications and book reviews.

24. Saskatchewan Writers’ Guild

The SWG is a membership driven organization for writers in the Saskatchewan area. They work to assist writers from beginner to experienced improve their trade. And, part of doing this is constantly sharing information about writers on their Twitter page. This is a great way to find upcoming and established talent too.

25. PNWA

PNWA is the Pacific Northwest Writers’ Association and it proclaims itself as a community to help boost writers by assisting in finding them inspiration for their next project and giving advice on how to get published. This is what they focus on through Tweets as well, and they regularly Re-Tweet from accounts that could be helpful too.

26. Sisters in Crime

Female crime writers will find this Twitter page very helpful. It is dedicated to promoting women authors who write crime fiction and the Twitter updates are filled with regular updates on new crime novels because they work hard on promoting the writers. They also mention book signings, interviews, and new releases.

27. Novelists Inc. NINC

Novelists Inc. or NINC is not for just every writer. It focuses on providing advice and assistance for established writers. On the Twitter page, you will find a great deal of information on upcoming conferences, events, and speakers.

28. EFA Freelancers

In existence since 1970, the Editorial Freelancers Association is a resource for editorial freelancers and employers. One of the main Twitter events they hold is the EFAchat, in which they set times and allow people to post questions or comments and they respond with expert advice.

29. Construction Writers Association

This is the Twitter site for the Construction Writers Association, so it focuses on journalists, technical writers, and marketing specialists who write in the construction industry. They regularly post contest and events as well as helpful tips on boosting business as a construction writer, and webinars too.

30. The IWWG

The IWWG is the Twitter account for the International Women’s Writing Guild, so as you can imagine, it focuses on women in writing. The Twitter page often focuses on empowering women, but also announces poetry readings, new publications, and helpful tips for female writers.

Blogging and Freelance Tips

31. Sophie Lizard

Sophie Lizard is a copywriter and blogger for a living. She uses her Twitter account to give advice and assist other freelance writers in their endeavors to make money as well. So, you can expect Tweets that give you advice, like “9 Places to Find Blogging Job Ads That Don’t Suck” and “How Freelance Article Writers Can Find Facts Fast”. It definitely can be a rich source of helpful information for freelancers.

32. Darren Rowse

Darren Rowse wears many hats, including author, blogger, and speaker. He is also a regular podcaster and is the founder of ProBlogger, ProBlogger Events, and Digital IPS. He uses his Twitter account to get the word out about podcasts, but that’s not all. You will find tips, tricks, and hints for bloggers who want to turn pro or people who just need to write their own blog.

33. Carol Tice

While Carol Tice is a freelance writer on her own, she also spends a great deal of time helping other people get work too. She has a website called FreelanceWritersDen.com where she offers regular advice on how to get started. Her Tweets focus on how you can make a living as a writer through freelance opportunities.

34. Mick Rooney (TIPM)

Mick Rooney is the editor of the Independent Publishing Magazine and is a publishing consultant for TIPM Media. When you follow his Twitter account, you will get daily wisdom for independent publishers. He also shares his blogs and business advice as well.

35. Zac Johnson

If you are looking for advice on the entrepreneurial side of writing, the Zac Johnson can help you. He is a business owner, a professional Internet marketer, and a blogger. He shares a great deal of advice on how to run your writing business as well as Internet marketing tips.

36. The Write Life

This Twitter account is designed specifically to help writers. It does this through Tweets on freelancing, getting published, marketing as a writer, and professionally blogging. Some of the topics you can expect here include things like “19 Websites and Magazines That Want to Publish Your Personal Essays” and “5 Powerful Writing Techniques That Bring Stories to Life”.

37. Jawad Khan

Anyone who writes for the Internet will want to follow this account. It focuses on blogging and content marketing and the owner of the Twitter page is a content marketing consultant who regularly helps businesses build their online brand.

38. Freelance Folder

The great thing about Freelance Folder is that it is a community just for freelancers of all types including writers, designers, photographers and coders. That means you will see Tweets on all sorts of subjects, but it’s a great place to get together with other freelancers.

39. Ileane Smith

The catchphrase of Ileane Smith’s Twitter page is “Find Your Voice, Capture Your Audience.” And, that is what this blogger and self-proclaimed social media diva specializes in. She offers plenty of tips and tricks, but also she announces her podcasts too.

40. Modern Freelance

A resource for all things freelance, this Twitter page isn’t just for writers, but other types of freelancers as well as the businesses that hire these professionals. The Tweets you will find here include news, advice articles, links to freelance job sites, and productivity tools as well.

Editors You Can Connect With

41. Global English Editing

Our sister company, the Global English Editing Twitter page is a hub of information and advice on the art and science of English writing.

42. Suzannah Windsor

Suzannah Windsor is the editor of Compose Journal and Write It Sideways. She is also the Associate Editor for Anderbo. She offers a great deal of motivation for writers as well as information on online writing courses and other programs you could attend.

43. ACES – American Copy Editors Society

Serving as the official Twitter page for the ACES, this will provide you with little tidbits of practical advice, such as how to avoid making mistakes with spellcheck. They also announce upcoming events.

44. Society of Editors UK

One of the main things that this Twitter page focuses on is freedom of the media, championing editors and the right to free expression. So, you can expect a great deal of news on current events in which the media has not been allowed free speech.

45. EFA International

As the international society for editorial freelancers, the EFA Twitter page offers regular resources for editorial freelancers. They also post information about their EFA Chats, which take place live right on Twitter.

46. Society of Editors

Located in New South Wales, the Society of Editors works to give writers plenty to work with, including advice, training for editors and writers, news, and more. They also regularly post networking opportunities for editors specifically.

47. San Diego PEN

This is the Twitter page for the San Diego Professional Editors Network. It is touted to be a great webpage for editors and writers who work in the online publishing and print media worlds. They offer a publishing program for new authors and they Tweet about this often.

48. NE Ind Editors Guild

This Twitter page is for the Northwest Independent Editors Guild. That’s a professional association of editors and there are currently 250 members. The whole purpose of the Twitter page is to network so that writers can seek out and choose the right editor for their project.

49. SfEP Official

The Society for Editors and Proofreaders is designed to promote editorial standards and to offer a variety of tools and services to editors and proofreaders alike. They often post helpful articles like how to pluralize capital nouns and how to correctly refer to body parts.

50. The Expert Editor

The perks of creating a list like this is that you get you include yourself. Lucky we deserve our place as The Expert Editor Twitter page is awesome, with news, information and advice for writers and editors. Our manuscript editing and proofreading pages provide great information too.

If you are a writer of any type, then these Twitter pages are for you, and they can get you started in finding resources, networking opportunities, and much more.

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